Call for submissions: Fresh Designs

Cooperative Press is publishing a new series called Fresh Designs. We are seeking pattern submissions from designers of all experience levels for books on the following topics: shawls, scarves, hats, mittens and gloves, kids, sweaters, home, designs for men, toys and bags. Each book will consist of 10 patterns, except the 11th book in the series, Best Of, which will contain 30 patterns (or more) taken from the previous books. These books will be published in multiple formats, both print and digital.

How is this different from the usual publishing deal? In the spirit of our overall operating philosophy (single-book authors share directly in the proceeds of their books at a percentage level that can be 4-6x the typical publisher royalty rate), all book contributors will be awarded a share in the total earnings of the title after costs, payable monthly instead of the usual twice per year.

(Please note: all numbers are hypothetical and for the purposes of illustration only.)

Let’s say that a printed book sells for $20, and it costs $5 to produce. Cooperative Press takes 5 total “shares” in the book to pay for its operating costs, such as tech editing, advertising, tradeshow promotion, a small profit, etc. There are 10 designer contributors. The $15 that is left after production costs is divided 15 ways (10 designer shares + 5 CP shares) and you, the designer, receive $1 for each book sold. 500 copies sell? You just made $500 on your design. 1000 copies? $1000. And so on…

What are the benefits of operating this way, apart from the potential for a much greater upside than the usual low $75 or $100 book design fee? There are 9 other contributors on each book, and you all have a great incentive for promoting it! (Cooperative Press will also provide you with help in organizing various promotions, whether blog tours, knitalongs or anything else that you’d like to do).

We think it’s a smart way of doing business. You get the backing of a publisher who has your best interests in mind, you get to concentrate on designing instead of the million little details involved in a large publishing project, and we get to make an amazing book together.

Interested? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

7 thoughts on “Call for submissions: Fresh Designs”

  1. Hi! I’m an indie crochet designer and I specialize in lace shawls and scarves. Are you accepting crocheted submissions for the Fresh Designs series? I’d love more info.


    Jennifer Benson

  2. I am certainly interested in the business model and in the opportunity of being published.

    I design for men and women and do feel that men get a raw deal. I like to create for fit men shaping the body of the garment to the shape of the body. What I am not clear about here – is are you asking for a hand up to be included or are you asking for a full design submission? – I have several designs in my head and some drawn up already.

    But I am unsure is the submission opportunity closed already?

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