The Knitgrrl Guide To Professional Knitwear Design: AVAILABLE NOW!

If you preordered the book and want to help us get the word out, click here for a PDF that lists some easy ways you can help tell your friends about the Guide, such as using the #knitgrrlguide hashtag on Twitter. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your support during the pre-order stage!

The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design: How to Keep Your Knits About You by Shannon Okey is now available from Cooperative Press.

Retail price: $22.95 USD
Size: 7.44 x 9.69 inches (19 x 25 cm)
Pages: 254 (print edition; digital may vary by format)

978-0-9792017-1-4 ISBN

The Knitgrrl Guide To Professional Knitwear Design is the first-ever book targeted to designers of all experience levels who want to create, communicate and sell their work professionally to magazines, publishers, consumers and other markets. Written by an industry insider, the Guide takes a comprehensive, unflinching look behind the scenes that no knit or crochet designer can afford to be without. Includes interviews with top designers, editors and professionals who tell it like it is so you can hit the ground running, a guide to responsible social media use, information on distribution, printing, online publishing, book and magazine proposals and much, much more.

The Guide is also available on Amazon. If you find it useful, we’d certainly appreciate a review there!

Thank you for supporting independent publishing.

1) You will need to manually load the file onto your Kindle, either via USB cable or by emailing it to your assigned Kindle email address. We plan to offer direct downloads from Amazon after 30 June 2010. Prices may change at that time at Amazon’s discretion.

2) Load the file onto your iPhone or other e-book reader according to the device’s directions. We hope to offer direct downloads for the B&N Nook soon, but prices may change depending on factors currently beyond our control.

28 thoughts on “The Knitgrrl Guide To Professional Knitwear Design: AVAILABLE NOW!

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  8. I have a question. Is this book about how to sell DIY related products (patterns etc) to DIY consumers who will then create the manifestation of the product, buying their own yarns etc OR, is it about how to produce a line of RTW knit products? Iow, no consumer DIY involved. If it is the latter, I might be interested in promoting it to my readers (people who start or run clothing lines). Several of my companies have added sweater lines but it’s nothing I know anything about other than what RTW sweater designers have taught me. It’d be great to have a resource to send people to.

  9. More the former than the latter, Kathleen, but FYI — this book also has quite a bit of information on using social media, contracts, getting good value for your money with ads and other practical advice that would be useful to people who are starting or running clothing lines, too.

  10. bonjour Shannon,

    j’essaye d’acheter le fichier pdf du livre mais la “shopping cart” m’annonce 12 dollars de frais de port ?

    très bonnes critiques, félécitations !!!


  11. I want to purchase the .pdf only version and the system is adding the shipping and handling fee. Please advise as to how I should process my purcahse or that it has been fixed).


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  13. Hi Sylvie!

    LYS owners can order copies through Unicorn (the big craft book distributor most LYSs use). It may soon be in some other craft stores as well, we’re negotiating those deals now. It’s available on Amazon now, and will be in Apple’s iBookstore soon. Thanks!

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