Pre-order Silk Road Socks, get Serab NOW!

Pre-order Hunter Hammersen’s fantastic new book Silk Road Socks (digital or print editions) and get the pattern for Serab as an immediate download! (Book page on Ravelry). Visit for sneak previews of the socks included.

What’s in the book? Apart from 14 amazing all-new sock patterns — each inspired by a different style of oriental rug — there’s also information on the history and legends of the Silk Road, and the beautiful carpets produced in the region. Did you ever wonder just how carpets are made, or why these rugs are called “oriental”? All this and more will be explained, along with background information about related textile artisans and techniques.

Serab, one of 14 inspirational patterns

There’s an in-depth primer on top-down sock construction and other information that will benefit every sock knitter, such as resizing sock patterns the right way, how to know if your gauge is too loose or too tight — and how to fix it! — as well as lessons in chart-reading, customizing socks to fit your feet and much more.

In short, if you’ve ever dreamed of being whisked away on a magic carpet to a land where you could knit beautiful socks all day…well, we can’t help you there, but we can give you more fodder for your imagination.

The preorder pricing for the print edition will be valid until the release date (prices may change, so order now!).


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