Extreme Double-Knitting now available for preorder!

Extreme Double Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork by Alasdair Post-Quinn (as featured in the fall issue of Interweave Knits magazine) is now available for preorder!

Nearly 200 pages of incredibly detailed how-to that will not only teach you the basics (and not-so-basics!) of double-knitting, but will take your knitting to entirely new levels.

Please note: the print book’s price WILL be going up to $29.95 after the preorder period, so get your order in now!


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* DIGITAL (PDF) + PRINT ($23.95)

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E-READER EDITION — (For Kindle, Nook, Sony e-Reader, iPad, etc)

Not available for preorder at this time. Please join the Cooperative Press mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. Thanks.

* (You may notice we no longer offer print-only as a separate option; as most customers have been ordering our print + PDF packages instead, we are phasing print-only out. If you don’t want the PDF, you aren’t required to download it!)

9 thoughts on “Extreme Double-Knitting now available for preorder!”

  1. Hi NT! We want to have the print copies back from the printer by Rhinebeck (3rd week of October), so we’re working very hard to make that happen.

    In any event, whichever version you order (PDF-only, or print+PDF), the very *minute* Alasdair has signed off on the final PDF version, we’ll get it out to everyone. That’s the nice thing about digital…so much faster than print! So you’ll have it even before the printer is done printing and shipping copies to us…

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