Preorder Boys’ Knits by Katya Frankel

Remember one of my favorite previews from this summer? Well, it’s available for preorder now. (Hey, I told you it was a big week for preorders over here).

Preorder Katya Frankel’s book Boys’ Knits! With sixteen sweater patterns and the cutest photography you have ever seen, this would be a really good present for all the knitting parents and grandparents in your life this holiday season…

(And fear not, she’s already at work on a sequel filled with accessory patterns!)

7 thoughts on “Preorder Boys’ Knits by Katya Frankel”

  1. I had just spent a fruitless couple of hours searching Ravelry for boy patterns I like when I stumbled across this pre-order. Hallelujah! Can’t wait for this to arrive, so many great looking patterns!

  2. Never fear, it’ll be ready soon! And when you order books from CP, we ship the digital version the very MOMENT it’s done, we don’t wait until the print books ship.

  3. So glad I came across your patterns. I’ve been tempted to design my own patterns because of the lack of designs for boys age 4-7. This is perfect!

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