O’Reilly Tools of Change publishing conference

One of the added bonuses of being in Austin last week for SXSW (I was presenting Knitting a Long Tail in Niche Publishing) was going to the conference-adjacent O’Reilly Tools of Change day of panels with my assistant Elizabeth Green Musselman, who is lucky enough to live in Austin full time (it’s a great city).

We lasted until 5:00 when our brains were finally so full of ideas we had to make an hour-early exit. If you search Twitter for the #tocsxsw hashtag, you should be able to get a pretty good sense of all the things that were being presented. One slightly irritating moment? The women-in-publishing panel came up and suddenly most men in attendance all had to go to the bathroom at once. Not to worry, though, they were immediately excoriated on Twitter by the people remaining. It’s 2012, but sometimes I wonder…seriously.

I met some fantastic women from publishing and media backgrounds (hello Bibliocrunch, among many others), and am excited to see if we can work together in future.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking this photo at our SXSW panel! You should all be getting excited now about the book she’s working on — it made me want a pair of knitted pants, and that’s all I’m saying for right now.

For more details on the overall trip, check out this post at my personal blog Knitgrrl.

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