Don’t be against the wall when the revolution comes…

…instead, be knitting away with a good book!

Cooperative Press is about to release the second book in the WWMDfK? series: What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?—more creations inspired by classic characters. Like the first, this book is chock full of patterns and stories from the designers about how they were inspired and what they love about the stories the guided their process. To celebrate the coming book we’re sharing all sorts of sneak peeks and designer dossiers—and free patterns, too! If you want to get in on the fun, you can join us by joining the special Defarge mailing list (so Heather and the designers can get the free patterns to your inbox).

Want to make sure you get your copy right away? We’ve got a special preorder offer: use the ordering link below and get both books (print and digital!) for $50 plus shipping. We expect book #2 to ship in April.

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In other news: stay tuned for the results of the Cooperative Press birthday contest, which will be coming shortly! We had a LOT of entries to go through — thank you all for your enthusiasm!

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