Executive & Editorial

Shannon Okey | Publisher

Shannon keeps the gears turning around here and has direct responsibility for all departments, as well as the overall operations of the company. Despite all that, she actually is a fun person. (Although, she could use a nap). Email Shannon.

Elizabeth Green Musselman | Assistant to the Publisher

Elizabeth is Shannon’s part time assistant, and an excellent designer in her own right. She lives in Austin, TX where she no doubt delights in tormenting Shannon with a much better taco selection than we have at CP HQ.


Tamas Jakab | Design Chief

It isn’t easy being Design Chief. You get to critique typography, design graphics and other fun stuff, but you also have to work directly with both Shannon — and her little dog, too — which can be a bit much. Tamas is also the co-creator of the comic El Gorgo!, which you can read online for free.

plus a rotating cast of technical editors, guest designers, InDesign specialists and more…bios to come once we’ve let them out of their cages.