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Finally, the moment the Cumberbatch-lovers have been waiting for: A Madame and a Detective Walked Into a Bar… Defarge Does Sherlock

Now that Defarge Gets Medieval is well underway, decisions need to be made about the last (yep, seriously, the last) book in the Defarge Series: Sherlock.

What does this mean for you: WE NEED PATTERNS. If you’ve submitted a pattern already, double check that you’re listed HERE. If not, resubmit via this link and note that you submitted before. We’ll find the original submission by searching your email address or pattern name. If you’re listed, then we have your pattern and all is well.

If you haven’t yet but want to submit a pattern now, the real honest and true deadline is February 29th, 2016. Use THIS FORM to submit your pattern idea. We will let you know if your pattern has been selected on or before May 15th.

We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Erica Hernandez, Editor
Heather Ordover, Editor Emerita
Cooperative Press


Can’t decide what to knit? Let us help!

11225723_10156184240180654_3404618327157633361_nWe know. It’s really hard to decide sometimes! Now that we have more than 50 books out in the world, you can imagine we’ve got a sense of this, so Cooperative Press has made a Twitter bot called @whatshouldiknit that will tweet out a new project idea once an hour.

Retweet ideas that appeal to you and help spread the word! Just one small bit of fun for your holiday gift knitting season…

Our website work continues…

Thanks for your patience as we continue to rebuild the website. You’ll now find Amazon sales links for the print copies of our books on every book’s individual page, along with Ravelry links. (Additional sales sources are being added now, but we can confirm that almost every book is available on Barnes & Noble’s website, for example).

Waving at Chicago from a distance

Guest blogger and CP Assistant Editor/Crochet Editor MK here today, thinking about what’s happening at Vogue Knitting LIVE! this weekend.

One of the wonderful things about the internet is how it can help bring people together and share what’s going on all over the world. Right now, I’m sitting at home in Hawaii and trying not to cry into my coffee because Shannon is in Chicago at Vogue Knitting LIVE! 2013 (booth 113), teaching, selling books with Andi, and quite possibly getting to meet author John Scalzi, who is not a knitter and just happens to be in the same hotel this weekend.

VKL twitteringThe overlap between yarncraft geekdom and Sci-Fi/Fantasy geekdom is pretty big. Yours truly has been reading SF/F since about the age of 7, and was not the only yarnie who spotted @scalzi tweeting about VKL and immediately offered to help secure passes (plus it turns out Shannon is familiar with John Scalzi via Metafilter). This is particularly wrenching for me, because I could have purchased autographed books earlier this year, when I was in Ohio for a friend’s wedding. I knew that there was a bookstore in the general area that routinely stocked his signed books, but I was Team Bride Advocate and taking it seriously (…and then I was serious about driving to Columbus before Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams closed for the day, ahem), and didn’t look up the bookstore until later. Turns out it’s Jay and Mary’s Book Center, right by the hotel I was staying in.

So I could sit here and cry into my delicious coffee, or I could sit up straight and think about a few of my favorite things, especially a few of my favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy Yarndom Crossovers. I’ve got a Pinterest board titled Unofficial Whedonverse Knit & Crochet, and contribute to Larissa Brown’s Pinterest board Whedon Knits & Crochets, for starters (just you wait for Larissa’s upcoming novel Beautiful Wreck – I stayed up late two nights in a row reading an early draft). How about CP author Heather Ordover’s new supernatural YA series, The Seven? Grounded (book 1) is out now, with companion sock patterns, a KAL, and Real Knitting Content in the book (I won’t spoil my favorite knitting reference in the book – I’ll just say it happens in a bookstore and leave it at that). How about revisiting Needles & Artifice: A Refined Adventure Story with Ingenious Knitting Patterns by the Ladies of Mischief ? A lovely knitter at VKL in full steampunk gear stopped by the Cooperative Press booth – she’s knitting something from Needles & Artifice too! [Edited to add: the knitter is Babelglyph on Ravelry and you can see her project pages for the lace choker, lace mitts, and parasol there. She’s also the designer of Calette, a shawl tribute to Diana Wynne-Jones.]  It’s also 2 days into DOOMVEMBER, folks, so if you are looking for practical and stylish knitting for the apocalypse, pop over to the blog tour for the soon-to-be-released Doomsday Knits, edited by the delightful Alex Tinsley, who looked at a delicious handspun sparkle yarn and thought “hooded cowl that will accomodate a gas mask.” Of course.

Then there are the Doctor Who fans. You may know SpillyJane for her Gnome Mittens (did you know you can build a kit at KnitPicks? – and if you’ve got the Gnome Mittens pattern already, Cooperative Press will give you a discount on her upcoming book!), but she’s also got Doctor Who themed mitten patterns – Police Box Mittens and Bow Tie Mittens Are Cool.

policebox mittens bowties

Add a Bigger on the Inside shawl knit in Bigger on the Inside yarn (pattern by CP author Kate Atherley, published in Knitty Spring/Summer 2012) and you’ve got some serious Doctor Who knit action. [ETA: This just in! Kate Atherley and Lorna’s Laces teamed up and now you can get knitting patterns and special yarn packs for socks or a scarf for “traveling through space and time“!]

No conversation about SF/F yarn geekery would be complete without indigodragonfly yarn – with colorways like Daleks Don’t Give Pink Slips, And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End., and Don’t Wear This On Star Trek, you can slip a geeky reference into even the plainest pair of socks.

These are just a few of my favorites (there are so many!). So tell me – what are your favorite yarngeek SF/F crossovers?

Fresh Designs Crochet: tips for submitters

If you thought the Fresh Designs Crochet call for submissions post was long, take a look at what I trimmed out! Tips on how to improve your submissions to Fresh Designs Crochet, more in-depth information on the inspiration boards, and more.

Using Flickr’s Guest Pass Feature (photo tutorial)

Tips for Submitters (Step One)

Tips for Submitters (Yarn)

Tips for Submitters (Deadlines)

Inspiration Board: Hats

Inspiration Board: Designs for Men

Inspiration Board: Kids

Inspiration Board: Toys

Submission Example

Fresh Designs Crochet call for submissions

Cooperative Press is publishing a new series called Fresh Designs Crochet with series editor MK Carroll. We are seeking pattern submissions from designers of all experience levels for books on the following topics: mittens and gloves, home, designs for men, toys and bags (submissions for the hats, kids, scarves, shawls, and sweaters books are closed). Each book will consist of 10 patterns, except the 11th book in the series, Best Of, which will contain 30 patterns (or more) taken from the previous books. These books will be published in multiple formats, both print and digital.

In the spirit of our overall operating philosophy (single-book authors share directly in the proceeds of their books at a percentage level that can be 4-6x the typical publisher royalty rate), all book contributors will be awarded a share in the total earnings of the title after costs, payable every two months instead of the usual twice per year. Cooperative Press will also provide you with help in organizing various promotions, whether blog tours, crochet-alongs or anything else that you’d like to do.

Designers of all experience levels are invited to submit. We are seeking designers who are enthusiastic about taking a very DIY, hands-on approach, ready to learn and try new things. Creativity is encouraged and celebrated for the design concepts; however, formatting your pattern according to the provided style sheet must be done as instructed. Part of the Fresh Designs concept is the establishment of new standards for craft publishing, helping designers and the craft progress, and working together to promote creative and professional behavior.
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