Cooperative Press t-shirt contest

Cooperative Press t-shirt contest

Fiber fest season gets started in just a few months! Got a t-shirt idea for us? Want $50? Check this out. We’re offering you a chance to submit ideas for knitterly, fibery and just generally crafty related t-shirts. If your idea is selected, you’ll win $50 plus a host of other prizes.

Our graphic designers are standing by–let us know what you’d like to see on a shirt! You have until the end of June to enter!

The Vikings have landed! Buy 1 book, get 3 things!


We’ve been hinting about it for a while and now it’s live! Larissa Brown’s new novel with Cooperative Press, Beautiful Wreck (click to visit the book’s website and read an excerpt) is here!

To celebrate, and to attempt to launch it to the top of the charts over at Amazon, we’ve put it on sale for Cooperative Press friends & family for $2.99 this weekend AND you can get two of Larissa’s patterns for helping us out!

Buy the book and forward your receipt to buy -at- and you’ll get a Ravelry download link for Larissa’s pattern Lichen. Hurry, this offer expires on Valentine’s Day!

Review the book and send a link to us at review -at- and you’ll get a download of Larissa’s new pattern Betta!

Where to buy? For once, we aren’t asking you to buy it directly from CP, though we’ll be listing it soon. We’d really like for you to buy it on Amazon, because getting to the top of the charts there will help drive sales going forward. If you prefer print, you’ll also be able to get the Kindle version for free through their MatchBook program.

Amazon: Kindle PREFERRED | paperback
Barnes & Noble: Nook | paperback
Smashwords: digital
Apple iBookstore: digital


Thank you, as always, for supporting independent publishing. Especially when Vikings are involved!

Cascadia, Hitch and Fiber Hooligan

Andi Smith was on Fiber Hooligan with Benjamin Levisay yesterday and it was a GREAT show! You can listen to it from the embedded player below, download on iTunes here or check out the show page here!

This past weekend we released the digital version of Cascadia and I think it is fair to say it is a hit! As the patterns have gone up on Ravelry, they’ve been getting lots and lots of favorites! EIGHT HUNDRED so far on Beacon Hill (congrats, Jane!)!

The same day we released the digital for Cascadia, Hitch went live. (And all this was right after Knit Edge #4 went out, too. It has been a BUSY week over here!) Nina Dayton’s Melanie shawl is popular — 425 favorites already!

Here is where I drop the editorial “we” and be totally, personally biased as me, Shannon: I want to point out one particular pattern in Hitch for those of you looking for a great holiday pattern to knit for the guys in your life. Christina Wall’s Robie is an absolute stunner, with great knitterly details. I have a funny photo of the model from the book trying it on when it first arrived here at the studio and he is making a hilarious face, which I will not post here because I still would like to have him speaking to me and modeling for CP (it was about 100 degrees outside…not optimal “try on a wool sweater” time). Even HE loved it, and he is a pickypants about sweaters thanks to his very talented fashion school-trained mama.

(Also if any of you have nothing better to do and feel like knitting one for no reason, I want a Robie of my own!) [end personally-biased commentary]

Join the knitalongs in the Hitch group on Ravelry!

Hitch, Kids, Vikings and TV

First things first: have you voted for Alasdair (author of Extreme Double Knitting) in the My Mountain design contest? Thank you, CPers!

It’s been a pretty big month so far for CP! Our latest in the Fresh Designs series, Kids, was released last week, as was Hitch, a book inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Hitch is the second CP book by Stephannie Tallent, whose gorgeous book California Revival Knits continues to impress colorwork, lace and cable fans with its intricate architecture-inspired patterns. Like the Fresh Designs series, Hitch is a multi-contributor book, featuring a host of ultra-talented designers. If you pre-order it now, you’ll get a special bonus cowl pattern!

The main photoshoot for Hitch took place on a hot and steamy August day in a Chicago park with one of our favorite photographers, Nick Murway. (On that note, you really need to check out the photos on Kids, too — our art director Elizabeth did them, and if you’ve ever taken any photos of children, you know it’s not that easy!)

Shoot planning at Stephannie’s in-laws’ house

Trying to evoke the elegant menace of a stylish Hitchcock thriller in 99% humidity and similar temperatures is…well, tough. I think we hit the mark, though. The fabulous vintage clothing we paired with the knits came from Deering Vintage in Cleveland, Ohio, and the tweedy brown dress is a real Claire McCardell…for whom, in no small amount of synchronicity, the Claire M sweater in Fresh Designs Sweaters is named.

The middle dress is the McCardell, and the shawl is by our own Elizabeth Green Musselman

Speaking of elegance under heat and pressure, last Thursday CP authors Andi Smith (Big Foot Knits) and Kate Atherley (Beyond Knit & Purl, Knit Accessories) taped an episode of Knitting Daily TV for its next season featuring new host Vickie Howell. Both Kate and Andi will appear on the same sock-related episode. Afterwards, we went out for ice cream at Jeni’s, aka Breakfast of Champions for TNNA Attendees.

And now…Vikings? No, we’re not publishing a Viking knitting book (though give us time, you never know!) — but we are announcing our new Cooperative Trade imprint for fiction and non-knitting titles. That’s been an open secret for some time, really. Ben Vendetta, author of Wivenhoe Park, has been posting about his novel on Tumblr and Facebook for a month. The website is up.

So what’s today’s big secret reveal?

We are publishing Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown. *happy dance*

As knitters you may already be familiar with Larissa’s work: two books, Knitalong and My Grandmother’s Knitting, beautiful patterns, etc. What you don’t know is that she’s an amazingly talented novelist as well. Beautiful Wreck is speculative fiction, and more specifically a time-travel romance. (Talk about timing: just as the internet is obsessed with the casting choices for the TV version of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels!) If you liked the Outlander series, if you like strong women characters and a book that will suck you into its world from the very first page, Beautiful Wreck is for you.

Our first novel Wivenhoe Park, by Ben Vendetta, will be out in October, then Beautiful Wreck a little later in the year. We will be keeping most news about the new imprints’ books on its own list with infrequent crossover on the main CP list, so please do join CP Trade’s list or the Beautiful Wreck list for news as these and other non-knitting books are released.

Some of the musicians I idolized in the late 80s and early 90s then have been asking Ben and his music journalist/PR friends for advance reading copies of Wivenhoe Park, musicians who would have had me swooning from stage as a teenager (ok, they still would, actually). Those I’m keeping under wraps for the moment ’til I know we can quote them, but the last one I heard about had me leaping up and down, inserting liberal numbers of unladylike words in my excitement.

Set in the mid-80s, Wivenhoe Park chronicles the adventures of Drew, a rock ‘n’ roll-obsessed student with journalistic aspirations who moves to England on a whim to escape various demons, including a goth ex-girlfriend, who he can’t seem to shake out of his system…will Drew find peace, love and understanding or will it all burn down like cigarettes?

You’ll find out this fall.

Thanks, as ever, for your continued support of what we’re doing here at Cooperative Press.

One last thing: Knit Edge issue 4 will be out this month and we can’t wait for you to see it!

Hello The Knitter readers + Stitching in the Stacks!

Excellent pre-TNNA news for you. One, our friends at The Knitter magazine (one of our UK favorites) featured our upcoming cruise in their upcoming issue #60. Here’s a peek:

And secondly, Stitching in the Stacks has started to ship digitally as of yesterday. The print copies should start going out when they arrive from the printer post-TNNA, so get your orders in now! The other two books in our summer preorder trifecta should be going out shortly thereafter (a few wonky file things to fix from the printer proofs that will be fast but couldn’t get finished pre-TNNA).

If you are at TNNA this weekend, drop by the booth (#355) and see the sneak preview of Alex Tinsley’s AMAZING upcoming book with us, Doomsday Knits. Yay!

CP cruise class list + special offer

We’ve got the details on our cruise’s class list (remember, classes are completely included in the price of the cruise!), and they’re really good, if you ask us! Click here to download a PDF of the classes.

In addition, Celebrity is currently offering some specials for those who book before the 19th of this month. Just FYI, so take advantage while you can. Email for more information.

Environmental certifications

Today we received a really exciting email from the printers who manufacture our books! They’ve reconfirmed that their Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifications continue to be valid for all the book types we print.

What does this mean? In addition to the fact that we are not using eco-unfriendly coated paper that’s tough to recycle, or shipping from overseas (all our books are printed in the US, with a handful of exceptions printed in the UK, Australia etc to fill local orders in those countries — but the relevant related forest-friendly certifications are followed there, too!), it means that the paper sourced for our books comes from responsibly managed forests, that biological diversity and water resources are protected, community and indigenous peoples’ rights are respected, and overall, that the paper used in our books is obtained and managed in an appropriate and environmentally responsible way.

We also learned the printer has acquired a new facility in our own state, which means we’re printing even closer to home than before — lessening our carbon footprint yet again! (Their facilities that were printing our books already are between 400-450 miles away from our office. That’s a LOT closer than 7000 miles away, which is how far we’d need to ship if we printed in China!)

Apologies for so many exclamation points but we think this is exciting stuff, and hope you do, too!

Summer mailing list contest

Reposted from the main page for those of you who read our feed using RSS readers!

We’ve got a new contest going through the end of the summer, and you can all play along. Three lucky CP mailing list members will win $50, 3 CP books, or one of the new online classes we’re rolling out this year. All you have to do is join our mailing list! Easy!

Mom voice disclaimer: We love all our subscribers equally, but you need to be on the list when the random-number drawing is held in order to qualify. Join today so you don’t forget and miss out!

Why join the CP mailing list? Well, first of all, we don’t share your information with anyone else. Secondly, we don’t mail you unless we actually have news! A new book, a contest, a special offer just for subscribers…no irritating daily or weekly mails. (Typically we mail about once a month). We want you to look forward to our emails, not immediately delete them! Happy summer from all of us at CP.