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Every knitter knows both the irresistible beauty of variegated yarn and the difficulty of figuring out how to knit with them. With Bargello Knits, Patty Nance shares her ingenious method for shepherding multi-colored yarns into gorgeous designs. Detailed introductory chapters explain the techniques, then 28 patterns explore some of the infinite possibilities that bargello knitting offers. Grab a favorite hand-dyed skein and try it for yourself!

Just the Facts

28 patterns + two full chapters introducing the technique
170 pages
ISBN: 978-1937513214

Meet the Author

Patty Nance lives in Anaheim Hills, California, with her husband Craig. She has two grown sons and a grandson. In addition to designing hand knits, she works part time as an accountant and looks forward to her husband’s retirement from his teaching career. Find her online at and on Ravelry as PattyKnits. She has a website dedicated to this technique at

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Advance praise for Bargello Knits:

When Patty first showed me a sample sweater in her new technique, bargello knitting, I was immediately impressed — commenting that I love how the colors resolve themselves… I saw a deep connection to my own explorations in hand-dyed yarn, and felt a kinship to someone who had spent a great deal of time developing and following a specific thought. — Laura Bryant, Prism Arts, Inc.

There is a moment when someone walks into your life and you just know that it is meant to be … It is incredible to see Patty’s vision come to life not just for her but for everyone who will now share in her gift to the knitting world. –Barry Klein, Trendsetter Yarns

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