Beautiful Wreck

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About the Book

Beautiful Wreck, a time travel Viking love story, was an All About Romance best book in 2014 and a finalist for the 2015 Book of the Year award from the Independent Author Network.

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1 patterns
460 pages
ISBN 978-1937513313

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Meet the Author

Larissa Brown writes romantic speculative fiction, as well as books and essays about creativity and knitting. She is the author of Beautiful Wreck, a time travel love story set in 10th century Iceland. Tress – a fantasy-horror novella – is her second book of fiction.

She’s hard at work on a companion novel to Beautiful Wreck titled So Wild A Dream. She gathers gorgeous and inspiring images and research links on pinterest (larissabrown), and she regularly posts photos of her #writingspot on instagram (larissabrown5855) to share the adventure of writing.

Larissa is an avid reader of scifi, gothic romance, time travel literature and knitting stitch dictionaries. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Martin (also a writer), and her son Sebastian, adorable loser-of-handmade-hats.


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Beautiful Wreck is a book so imbued with stark beauty and raw emotive power that as you read it, your internal topography is rearranged – it’s the kind of book that shifts everything you knew, or thought you knew, about writing and love. The world just looks different when you’re done.

The first thing you must understand when beginning this book is that it has a lot going on. Time travel. Vikings. A yearning so strong you can actually feel it. Love. Betrayal. There are even ponies and MMA fights. It is important, I feel, for one to read this book in a place with as few distractions as possible. Take a page out of The Neverending Story and find an abandoned attic in your local school, light some candles, and immerse yourself in one of the most powerful books you’ve ever read….In the end, I give this book my highest recommendation. The beginning does take a bit of work to understand – the future Iceland is a confusing and abrupt place. But in no time at all I was sucked into Brown’s world, rooting for Ginn and Heirik to overcome all obstacles and to find a way to be together. I fell in love with a land and people more than a thousand years gone – and cannot wait to go back there again — Boutrosbabe, podcaster and independent dyer


I am very much not a romance novel person, but if they were all as well-written, well-researched, and well-constructed as this one, I’d be tempted to change my mind 😉 Beautiful Wreck is engrossing, thrilling, frustrating, and heartbreaking. I devoured it in about three days (and spent a good portion of them in a legitimate mope because I was vicariously tormented by dark, sexy, tortured vikings- that’s how you know a book is good, when your husband asks “What’s wrong?” and you answer woefully, “The vikings are not doing what I want them to be doing!!”)

I kind of also feel like I learned a lot about vikings (and reinvigorated my desire to visit Iceland.) You don’t meet a lot of romance novels that are educational, haha. And though it plays a pretty small part in the book, I also want to give props for Larissa Brown’s vision of the future- a cold, glassy world where everyone’s wardrobe and social lives revolve around historical re-enactment. I love that. I would like to read a whole book in that setting, actually. — Alex Tinsley, knitwear designer and author