Cooperative Press t-shirt contest

Cooperative Press t-shirt contest

Fiber fest season gets started in just a few months! Got a t-shirt idea for us? Want $50? Check this out. We’re offering you a chance to submit ideas for knitterly, fibery and just generally crafty related t-shirts. If your idea is selected, you’ll win $50 plus a host of other prizes.

Our graphic designers are standing by–let us know what you’d like to see on a shirt! You have until the end of June to enter!

Summer mailing list contest

Reposted from the main page for those of you who read our feed using RSS readers!

We’ve got a new contest going through the end of the summer, and you can all play along. Three lucky CP mailing list members will win $50, 3 CP books, or one of the new online classes we’re rolling out this year. All you have to do is join our mailing list! Easy!

Mom voice disclaimer: We love all our subscribers equally, but you need to be on the list when the random-number drawing is held in order to qualify. Join today so you don’t forget and miss out!

Why join the CP mailing list? Well, first of all, we don’t share your information with anyone else. Secondly, we don’t mail you unless we actually have news! A new book, a contest, a special offer just for subscribers…no irritating daily or weekly mails. (Typically we mail about once a month). We want you to look forward to our emails, not immediately delete them! Happy summer from all of us at CP.

Happy birthday to us! Want an iPad Mini?

Barring an official “birthday,” we’ve decided to declare that Cooperative Press has the same birthday as its founder Shannon Okey. And since Shannon’s birthday is 6 January, we’re doing a big contest for our birthday month! The grand prize is an iPad mini filled with CP books, and the runner up prizes aren’t too shabby either. (They’re listed at the end of this post).

Why this contest? Because CP is a very small company, we don’t have the advertising budget of a big publisher. The best way for us to reach people is by word of mouth, and in 2013, that means social media, so here’s how the contest will work:

(Please note you do NOT have to do all of the steps here. For example, if you don’t use Twitter, you can skip that one. However, the more you do, the more runner-up prizes you’ll qualify for…)

Throughout this month (6-31 January), we’ve set up multiple ways you can share your love for CP (or your love for winning an iPad mini…it’s ok, you can say it, we’re not offended). They include email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media, including a “get creative” category.

The deadline for entries is midnight Eastern time on Thursday the 31st.

Before you get started, open up a text document or blank email. You’ll need to copy and paste links to save for later when you fill out the contest form!

  • Step one: Send an email to your favorite knitter friends

Update 8 January: We’ve eliminated this step and edited the contest prizes accordingly. We’ll be deleting all current emails received to the CP contest email address as a result of this step. Of course if you want to tell your friends about us, that’s fabulous, but we’re removing it from this contest. Thanks.

  • Step two: share on Facebook

Click this link to go to the Cooperative Press Facebook page. If you haven’t already, click LIKE on the page. Then go to this post (it will be pinned to the top) and hit “share” to share it on your timeline or your page. After you’ve shared it, click the timestamp and copy the browser address link from your browser window. Save this link for later, you’ll need it. You can also write your own FB post about Cooperative Press and use it instead, just make sure you save the link.

  • Step three: tweet about this!

This one’s easy. Click here to tweet about the contest. Now go to your Twitter stream, find the tweet and click the timestamp on it. Copy and paste the browser address link into the place you’re saving your contest entries.

  • Step four: repin our Pinterest pin

Click here, repin, then choose “see your pin.” Copy and paste the browser address link into the place where you’re saving your contest entries.

  • Step five: reblog our Tumblr entry

Click here, reblog, then go to your Tumblr page. Copy and paste the link to the entry into the place where you’re saving your contest entries.

  • Step six: bonus round!

Here’s where you can get creative. Instagram, Google+, you name it. Take a photo of yourself reading a CP book or wearing something you’ve knit from it and post it to Instagram (use hashtag #CPbday), host a Google+ hangout, write a blog post about CP or one of our books. Whatever you choose, find a web browser link to it, and copy/save it so you can paste it in to the entry form.

  • Step seven: fill out your entry form

Go to this page and fill out the form. You’ll paste in the links to your activity in the form, so have those ready.

THANK YOU for making this our best birthday yet! We mean it when we say we could not do this without you.

And now, the runner-up prizes:

With the exception of the MOST CREATIVE award, all runner up entries will be randomly drawn from entries with the correct number of shares or more. So if you’ve done five shares, you’ll also be qualified to win in the four, three or two-share category. Therefore, the more you share, the better your chances of winning!

FIVE social media shares: $100, or four CP books
FOUR social media shares: $75, or three CP books
THREE social media shares: $50, or two CP books
TWO social media shares: $25, or one CP book
MOST CREATIVE (best of the ‘bonus round’ entries): $100, or $150 in CP books

At the end of the contest month, we’ll be sending out something special to the entire CP mailing list. If you aren’t already on it, click here, and use that link to encourage others to sign up!

Good luck! We’d send you all a piece of cake if we could, but iPad minis and cold hard cash will have to suffice.

THE FINE PRINT: All decisions by CP regarding the contest and prizes are final, and subject to our discretion. Please be responsible internet citizens and don’t spam: one posting per social media service will suffice! We’d like people to think “yay! CP! their books rock!” when they think about us, not “oh no, not those people…

Time for a contest! Two contests, even!

We’re trying a little something new here this month: a photo contest. Show us enjoying your CP books, or projects you’ve made from CP books, and well…win more books! All of the above books, in fact. Here’s the contest link:

(Be sure to share it to your friends on Facebook, because for every friend that enters after you, you get an additional entry).

Not on Facebook? That’s ok. We’ve got another amazing contest coming up in the September issue of Knit Edge for subscribers. (If you aren’t a subscriber yet, here you go). You can win a pair of the new Funky Knit Danskos just in time for peak fiber show season!

Speaking of fiber shows, if you’re headed to Stitches Midwest next week, stop by our booth (#631)! And if you’re looking for something else to do while you’re there…

Good luck, and we hope to see you soon at Stitches, Rhinebeck, VKL Chicago and other upcoming shows!

Cooperative Press in The $100 Startup

CP is featured in Chris Guillebeau’s new book The $100 Startup, which we’re quite pleased about (we even got mentioned on business guru Tim Ferriss’ blog, which was a surprise and a joy).

To celebrate, CP’s publisher Shannon Okey is running a contest to win a copy of the book over at her site Knitgrrl, along with a short interview featuring Chris. Check it out!

Market Yourself launch day is here!

TODAY is the big launch day for Tara Swiger’s new CP book Market Yourself and tonight she’ll be teaching a workshop on Right People in Cambridge, MA. It’s totally free, and it’s at the fabulous Gather Here. Get the details.

Not in Boston? Tweet + win $50!
To celebrate the launch of her book, we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate towards any CP books. To win, all you have to do is tweet about Market Yourself, and use #marketyourself in your tweet today. CP will pick a winner (randomly) from all tweets + announce it via Twitter. In your tweet, you can ask Tara questions (She’ll answer every one!), you can talk about your favorite part of the book, or you can share your own marketing struggles.

Need some ideas? How about:

I just bought @TaraSwiger’s marketing book for handmade biz! Get yours here: #marketyourself
Tweet this!

Ooh! $50 worth of @CoopPress books? Sign me up! #marketyourself
Tweet this!

Here’s what others have been saying:

Visit Tara’s website to learn more about her and the book.


$26.95 plus shipping
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DIGITAL (PDF and ereader)

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Jane Austen Knits contest winner

Congrats are in order for Rebecca, the winner of our Jane Austen Knits ad contest. If you missed out, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll do another contest like this one in the future. Grab a copy of Jane Austen Knits and check out the classifieds. This ad told you what to do:

…then the clues were scattered inside the classifieds. You not only had to play along to get the clues, but you also had to get all the questions right, and then be randomly chosen among everyone with correct answers! So congratulations, Rebecca! We hope you enjoy your prize package of CP books.

Winning numbers for Rhinebeck/Stitches bags

Using the random number generator at, we drew numbers between 1-100 for the drawings we ran with Bijou Basin during the shows. Here’s the numbers:

Rhinebeck drawing: 67
Stitches drawing: 43

If you have these numbers in your bags, email us at info (at) cooperativepress (dot) com to claim your prize. Thanks!

VKL bag drawing/Rhinebeck + Stitches bags

Hello everyone and thanks for your patience! It’s been a hectic few weeks to say the least!

We did the drawing for the Vogue Knitting Live iPad contest bags using to draw a random number, and the winning number is 36.

If you ordered a bag after the show — please note: still only 100 bags at each show, we did NOT print more after VKL ended — they shipped straight from Rhinebeck because BBR had the bags, we had the postage-d envelopes, and we had to be in the same place to bring those things together! When’s someone going to invent a transporter beam already? Seriously.

(Also, technically, they shipped from Elizaville, NY, from an ADORABLE post office we found while on the road, but that’s neither here nor there. Just interesting).

We’re between Rhinebeck and Stitches East right now, and will be drawing the number for Rhinebeck bags asap. Keep your eyes here for the details.

Your last chance for the season to grab an iPad contest entry project bag is at Stitches East this weekend (an all-new bag design done especially for the Stitches show!) in the Bijou Basin Ranch booth, #1007-1009. (They have some great coupons for the show, too. Grab those here).

While you’re there, grab a copy of Extreme Double Knitting and get it signed by Alasdair this weekend.

It was SO great to meet so many of you at Rhinebeck. Photos to come very soon, I’ll be back in the office on Monday!