Reversible Scarves is here + Makes for Men!

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Audrey Knight’s book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues is now available for download. If you preordered a print copy, you should also have a download link for the PDF in your inbox this evening. The actual printed copies will be shipping after 12 August (we expect them to arrive directly from the printer to our booth for Stitches Midwest, so if you didn’t preorder and can’t wait, we’ll see you in booth #631)!

A note for those of you who preordered: you just saved $3 per copy, because the price is going up as soon as the print copies arrive here! The book is rather longer than we anticipated at 134 pages, which caused its print price to go up. If you haven’t preordered yet, you have until Stitches is over to get the current $26.95 price. Click, click!

In other news, we’re excited to announce that UK knitting magazine Knit Now recently featured six Cooperative Press designers/authors in their Makes for Men supplement to the July issue (#11). You can see all the patterns here on Ravelry.

Thanks again to the authors of both current and forthcoming CP books for allowing Knit Now to focus on your beautiful work!

Sneak preview! Anna Dalvi’s new book

m Anna, a hint of what’s to come in her new book. We’ll be shooting photos for it this month, and will be posting a contest when images from the shoot and the preorders go live.

Just in froLike all of Anna’s designs, I know they’ll be a combination of stunning and fun to knit — I got to watch the yellow one grow on the needles last year at Rhinebeck. Our server at Arielle thought it was a crocheted hat (it was growing from the inside out, and a little gathered on the needles, but still)!

What excites you most about shawls these days?

More good news!

Anna Dalvi is hard at work on her next book for Cooperative Press (great news for those of you who loved Shaping Shawls)! We thought it might be nice (albeit cruel) to give you a little teaser of what’s to come:

Team CP had an excellent time with Anna at Rhinebeck this year, even though a server at our new favorite restaurant did mistake one of the pieces from Anna’s new book for a crocheted hat. Not even close…

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Rockstar photo shoot + SXSW

Everyone involved in the photoshoot for Audrey Knight’s new CP book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues at Rhinebeck was a ROCKSTAR. From Caro the photographer-genius to Stitchy the stylist, all the models, the locations…everything. Here’s a few pictures to get you excited — it should be ready for preorder soon. Keep in mind these are just preview shots, straight off the camera, which should give you some idea of how fabulous Caro is.

Why yes, that is the fried dough stand in the background, matching the scarf’s colorway exactly. A happy coincidence!

Designers make the best models. Ann Weaver is being particularly adorable here.

Pamela Wynne has found both a new scarf and a new friend in this shot.

If this doesn’t look ripped from the pages of a fancy fashion magazine, I don’t know what does.

Joelle in the sheep barn. It’s a wonder we managed to get her out.

And in other news, Shannon’s panel for SXSW 2012 was accepted. If you’re heading to Austin in March, be sure to come to Knitting A Long Tail in Niche Publishing.

Sneak preview: California Revival Knits

When I left Vogue Knitting Live on Sunday, I headed down the coast to help out at the photoshoot for an upcoming Cooperative Press book by Stephannie Tallent of knits inspired by California Revival style. The photos, by Kathy Cadigan (who is just plain delightful, and a brilliant photographer to boot), are stunning. Steph models a few things, and then we roped friend-of-CP Kristi Porter into some modeling, too.

The peacock mitts!

Just wait til you see the other shots…

Steph models her spectacular sweater…cable-y twisted stitchy goodness.

You’ll be able to meet Stephannie and a host of other CP authors in our booth at Rhinebeck in a few weeks!

Sneak preview of Katya Frankel’s book

I love it when photos and text first start coming in for a book! There’s so much promise…such excitement. What will it all look like when everything’s in place?

Well, all I know about our forthcoming book of boys’ knits by Katya Frankel is that it is going to be ADORABLE (see below) as well as filled with amazing knits that boys will actually wear. I worked with Katya quite a bit when I was editing a UK knitting magazine, and I am always impressed by her work. You will be, too. I can already say I want to size some of these sweaters up for me!