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Extreme Double Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork by Alasdair Post-Quinn (as featured in the fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits magazine) is nearly 200 pages of incredibly detailed how-to that will not only teach you the basics (and not-so-basics!) of double-knitting, but will take your knitting to entirely new levels.

Just the Facts

14 patterns
196 pages
ISBN 978-0979201776
This book is available in both print and digital format.

Meet the Author

Alasdair Post-Quinn is a designer and teacher working in Cambridge, MA.


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A brilliant book, bound to become a classic work. Acquiring these double-layer techniques will enhance all aspects of your knitting life. Extreme Double-Knitting is a very thorough and clearly explained approach to this fascinating area of knitting. Even if you do not yet see yourself reaching some of the more extreme feats of double-layer knitting offered here, you will be gently enticed to expand your repertoire of skills as far as you wish, with plenty more brain candy awaiting you. — Lucy Neatby, lucyneatby.com

There are floods of knitting books that beguile with pretty, ingenious patterns. A precious few push back the boundaries of an entire technique. Extreme Double-Knitting does both, exceptionally. A tour-de-force.  — Franklin Habit, the-panopticon.blogspot.com

In this delicious guide to the subterranean wonderland of double knitting, Alasdair illuminates user-friendly and innovative techniques of layering color, texture, and design. — Cat Bordhi, catbordhi.com

Extreme Double-Knitting is a somewhat unusual book, delivering much more technical background in a specific niche of knitting than we’ve become accustomed to, but kudos to Post-Quinn for delving into a topic that fascinates him and sharing his expertise with the rest of us. This book is sure to be the definitive work on the subject, and it will be fascinating to see where Post-Quinn takes double-knitting next. — Carol Sulcoski, Black Bunny Fibers and Go Knit in Your Hat

This book is incredibly comprehensive, and if you’re interested in double-knitting, it’s a must for your collection. There aren’t many other double-knitting books out there, and this is the most jam-packed with information that I’ve seen. — Stacey Trock, Fresh Stitches

Extreme Double-Knitting is clearly a book written by a geek, and that’s a great thing. It’s not the average person who would put this much time and effort into figuring out how to just about any knitting technique you could think of in a double knit fabric. — Sarah E. White, review for About.com

Thank you for letting us have your knowledge in what will probably be the best book of the year. — Kris K., customer

Mr. Post-Quinn has taken the art of Double-Knitting to heights yet unexplored (and continues to do so; one supposes he will publish more books in the future and his audience drools in anticipation). Comprehensive, detailed, and extremely innovative. MUST read. MUST practice. MUST.MAKE.ALL.THE.THINGS. — Mugginsquilts, review on Amazon.com


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