Hat Couture

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If you only wear hats to keep you warm, this book will truly turn your head around. Designer Theressa Silver starts from the assumption that a hat is a statement piece. A great hat projects style or courage or mischief or sultriness – or all of the above. Are you feeling more like Marlene Dietrich, Lucille Ball, or Grace Kelly today? Make a hat for every mood. Silver’s clear, easy-to-follow instructions allow even beginners to knit and embellish their own stunning toppers.

Just the Facts

13 patterns
56 pages
ISBN 978-1937513221
This book is available in both print and digital format.

Meet the Author

Theressa Silver loves the mathematical and technical aspects of knitting and is inspired by the physical characteristics of knit fabrics to test the limits and create the unexpected. She lives in Oregon with her husband, son, five cats, and a dog who all participate one way or another in the knitting process.


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Part of the fun with the book will be seeing how people run with it, using different yarns and adding their own embellishments. — Carol Sulcoski, Black Bunny Fibers (“No-Bull Book Review: Hat Couture“)

These hats are not only available in large and small sizes, they are incredibly stylish. — Ruth Roland, Kangath Knits (“Book Review: Hat Couture“)