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Market Yourself: A Marketing System for Smart and Creative Business Owners is more than just a book about marketing; it’s a book about YOU. Your strengths, your weaknesses, what makes your product unique and good and worthy of an audience. In its 150+ pages, you’ll find more than 30 hands-on worksheets designed to take your business forward, fast!


Advance praise for Market Yourself:

Do you love to make things, but hate the idea of marketing them? Take a deep breath, make some tea and spend some time with Tara’s book. She’s a gentle, encouraging guide through the landscape of promotion. You’ll build yourself a marketing plan that’s both comfortable and doable. — Diane Gilleland,

Market Yourself takes your passion for making to the next level by teaching you step by step how to get your product into your buyer’s hands. Tara encourages and inspires but ultimately challenges you to create the growth you are looking for in your business. You will be amazed and intrigued by what you begin to learn about yourself as well as your brand.” “You will feel like you are in one-on-one coaching sessions with Tara. She communicates like she knows you, your product and what you need to succeed. — Kerry Burki,

I’ve learned a ton from reading Market Yourself, and she includes an amazing series of worksheets that takes it from good advice to an awesome project. Tara encourages the creative entrepreneur to craft an honest, comfortable marketing plan that works with their personality and skills. Instead of constantly struggling against a list of someone else’s “shoulds,” I get to do the things that work for me, but in a strategic way that helps my business (without making me homicidal). It’s really worthwhile to take the time to read the book, do the worksheets, and stitch it all together. There’s so much great info stuffed inside, it’s almost as good as having Tara there to help you along. — Amy Crook, Antemortem Arts

Tara’s work has taught me to embrace what makes me me and use it to market my crafty business. This book celebrates the journey of finding the people right for my product through worksheets, and I love it! — Kristine Beeson, KDLB

Just the Facts

166 pages
ISBN 978-1937513085
This book is available in both print and digital format.

Meet the Author

Tara Swiger is a writer, maker, and Starship Captain in Johnson City, Tennessee. She explores creating smart businesses through her own yarn company, Blonde Chicken Boutique, and by serving as First Officer and Community Manager aboard creative, crafty and downright adorable ships (from tech start-ups to copywriters). She creates tools (the Map-Making Guide) and spaces (The Starship) for teeny tiny crafty businesses to explore their own best businesses and marketing plans. Join the adventure at

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Tara Swiger has read all of the marketing books so you don’t have to. This book is a wonderfully distilled way to create a marketing plan for your small crafty business. Along the way, she helps you figure out just who your business self is, what exactly you sell and who and where the tribe of people who will buy your stuff are. She does it all through common sense and experience with a minimum of marketing-speak. She’s packed the book with worksheets so you can go back and review, build on or change all the aspects of marketing your business. There is not only one way to do or be successful at business. In our current world, the more personal every piece and step of a business is, the more chance of success it has. Plus it’s more fun.This is one of the few business books I’ve read that is focused on you the maker and how you’d like to do business within the framework of your budgets of time, money and inclination. — Knitty, First Fall 2012 issue

More great reviews:

While she has written this guide with an eye to those with crafts businesses, I believe strongly that it is for anyone who needs to figure out how to get the message of who they are and what they offer out and in front of their Right People. I believe this so strongly that I started recommending it to my small business clients before I completed the second chapter! — Penny Shima Glanz, knitting designer and small business technology consultant, reviewed on Penguin Girl blog

Tara Swiger has given us a gift.Ì__If you, like me, were not raised in a culture that was (ahem) friendly towards or understanding of the realities of business and marketing, then Tara’s book is for you.Ì__Non-icky, completely cognizant of the intricacies of a craft-based business, Tara’s book will take you down a path of your own making toward a goal which you define and success which you earnedÌ_Ìøand she’ll do it painlessly and successfully. —Heather Ordover, host of the CraftLit podcast, reviewed on Goodreads

Let me just tell you, this book is HEAVY. It’s full of advice, full of theories and ways to practice them. Full of material to followÌ_Ìøfrom friendly to professional, from personal to business. This book doesn’t have tons of drawings, tons of diagrams or lots of colours. It’s straight to the point. — Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, knitting designer, reviewed on the Rock and Purl blog