Cascadia: it's the mythical-sounding, temperate region bordering the West Coasts of Canada and the northern United States, and defined by the Cascades Mountain Range. With its mountains, rainforests, ocean, and beaches, the area is perfect for knitting year-round.

Natives to the region, Amanda Milne and Fiona McLean have imbued their knit-centric events company, Knit Social, with a warm and creative atmosphere that is wholly infectious. Now they share the warmth and creativity of their home with you in their first book, Cascadia. They have gathered from the region's abundant design talent, to bring you gorgeous sweaters, shawls, hats, socks, and other fun-to-knit, beautiful-to-wear garments.

Contributing designers are Jane Richmond, Tin Can Knits, Emily Wessel, Alexa Ludeman, Megan Goodacre, Judy Marples, Holli Yeoh, Melissa Thomson, Amanda Kaffka, and Amanda Milne.

With breathtaking photography by Alexa Ludeman and foreword by Kim Werker.

11 patterns
110 pages
ISBN: 978-1-937513-33-7
This book is available in both print and digital formats.


Fiona McLean and Amanda Milne are friends, neighbors, and business partners. Together they operate Knit Social, a knit-centric events company in Vancouver, British Columbia. Knit Social evolved through their common love of fibre crafts and especially knitting. Fiona and Amanda recognize the immense talent in their community and make it their mission to create space where this talent can thrive. Their complementary skills and love of social crafting naturally led them to create a company that brings the knitters in their community together, be it through intimate events such as retreats and yarn swaps, or large-scale productions like Knit City, an annual fibre festival in Vancouver.

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Advance praise for Cascadia (from the foreword):

"In the fall of 2012, when Amanda and Fiona held the first Knit City event in Vancouver, they accomplished something I’d only dreamed of for our city – lines of knitters snaking out the door, people talking with strangers about what was on their needles. They’d invited me – a crocheter! – to speak at the kick-off party, and the conversations I had afterward with perfect strangers were inspiring. I felt the magic that weekend, in no small part because I felt a part of my city in a way I never had before. I felt a part of something. I felt I was with my people.

That’s the beauty of what Amanda and Fiona do: They bring people together in a celebration of shared craft, within a beloved setting that never fails to inspire. This book is a concrete version of what they do through their events. It’s a collection of individual voices and styles that combine into a celebration of community and place. A celebration that’s intended to be shared."

Kim Werker, author of Crochet Me and many other excellent crochet books


A beautiful book to start with. Excellent variety of items included, in a broad range of sizes. Very readable charted instructions as well as written instructions and schematics. Bonus bios of the designers too. And all local to me. Well done!

Doreen MacLauchlan, review

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